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Occupational health

Who needs occupational health services (company doctor)?

If you employ a worker in an organised workplace, you need an occupational health service (company doctor).

My employer does not have a contract with an occupational doctor and has sent me for an aptitude test.

Only the employer can refer a worker for an occupational health assessment, which is why the employer must contract a company doctor. The employer must pay the fee for the examination.

I'm going on an NQR (National Qualifications Register) course, can you do my aptitude test?

The OKJ course requires an aptitude test, which only an "occupational health centre" is entitled to carry out.

How much does the medical examination cost?

Each of our contracted partners receives an individual quote, taking into account the services required and needed

Is an aptitude test carried out at the employer's office or headquarters?

We are able to provide an on-site examination if you provide a licensed doctor’s office. (The practice must be licensed by the NNK and equipped with the minimum conditions of the subject. Without a licence, both the employer and the doctor will be severely penalised!)

Occupational aptitude test

How often do I need to go for a fitness test?

The risk analysis will identify in detail the exposure associated with the job, this and the health status of the worker will determine the frequency. Generally speaking, it should be done annually.

In the event of illness, can the occupational doctor suspend work?

In the event of a long-lasting illness that affects the worker's work - e.g. a herniated disc in a driver's job - the occupational doctor may suspend work to prevent further damage to the worker's health.

Small book on health

Who needs a health booklet?

Priority jobs and activities in the epidemiological interest

Decree 33/1998 (VI. 24.) NM (Annex 1 to NM Decree No 33/1998 (VI. 24.))

Can I get a health booklet as a private individual?

You can also apply for a health booklet as a private person (e.g. occasional catering, hostess work), the fee for which is according to the current regulation.

What is needed for the health booklet?

The health booklet requires a lung screening within one year.

Do I need a referral for a lung screening?

Under the age of 40, lung screening examinations cannot be performed free of charge, and chest X-ray examinations for the purpose of occupational health fitness tests can only be performed with a medical referral, subject to a fee of HUF 1700, as defined in Annex 2 to Government Decree 284/1997 (XII.23.)

Providing first aid

Do you need a trained first-aider in the workplace?

A trained first-aider is required in every workplace; knowledge of road first aid is not sufficient.

Where can I take a first aid course at work?

We organise regular first aid courses at the workplace. Our adult education licence number: 00138-2012

When is the next First Aid at Work course?

We run our workplace first aid courses on an ongoing basis, so please email to let us know how many people you would like to attend and we will see when we can put you in the next group. We organise our groups with 10-12 participants.

How much does the course cost and how long does it last?

The course usually starts at 9 am and runs until 3 pm. The training consists of theoretical and practical training, followed by a final examination and the issue of a certificate. The course fee is 14000 Ft/person gross (VAT free)

Workplace stress test

Why is it not enough for an occupational health and safety professional to carry out an assessment of stress at work?

The possibility for occupational health professionals is limited: according to Decree 33/1998.NM (Annex 6) Psychosocial pathological factors: "The data can only be requested by the occupational health physician and must be treated as a professional secret."

Where can I find information about the workplace stress test?

You can find all information about the workplace stress test on the workplace stress test website.

Emergency medical card for travellers abroad

Where can I find information about the emergency medical card?

All information about the emergency medical card can be found on the emergency card website.