Downloadable document

Here you can download the necessary documents

Draft contract

Please read the draft contract, comment on it and send your suggestions for changes to

Employer profile sheet

If you have accepted our offer, please fill in the "Employer Information Form" and send it to to your e-mail address! 

Employee notification table

Please do not change the header of the table (xlsx)! Delete the "sample employee" and upload the new employee the table with the data. From the table, the medical software will automatically import the necessary data, so please use the - dot; comma; lower case; upper case, etc.

Referral for an occupational medical examination

Please scan the completed document and send it back to after the employer has signed it!

Minimum occupational safety and health requirements for the workplace

Joint Decree 3/2002 (II. 8.) SZCSM-EüM

Workplace first aid box

What kind of first aid kit do I need at work?

First aid guide

A brief description of what to do if you need first aid - part of the first aid kit!

First Aid note

Note on First Aid - compiled by Zsolt Nyeste (2007)

Screen-based workplace risk assessment

Risk assessment of working in front of a screen - using a spreadsheet.

On epidemiological measures to prevent communicable diseases and epidemics

Vaccination requirements related to work / § 9.

HCV screening for healthcare workers

Pursuant to Article 23/A of NM Decree No. 18/1998 (VI. 3.) on Epidemiological Measures for the Prevention of Communicable Diseases and Epidemics, HCV screening of health care workers must be carried out as part of the occupational health examination. Health care workers who, by virtue of their job, perform or assist in one of the interventions listed in Annex 2, point 1, shall be screened every 5 years, and other health care workers every 10 years, in accordance with paragraph 1.

Measles immunity survey for healthcare workers

§ 23/B. From 2021 onwards, the health care provider shall carry out an assessment of the measles immunity of the health care workers employed by it in the framework of the occupational health examination of health care workers who have not been employed by a health care provider before 2021 or who have not been subjected to an antibody test for measles immunity in the last 10 years. Based on the results of the laboratory test, susceptible workers shall be vaccinated.