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The practice is located in the centre of Budapest, near Astoria and Deák Square, at 11 Wesselényi Street.


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Dear Website Visitor! Welcome to the website presenting our occupational health services.

If you employ a worker in an organised workplace, you need an occupational health service (company doctor).


What does your company need?

You will certainly need a fitness assessment for workers, a trained first aid provider, a workplace stress test as part of your risk assessment.

Suitability test

Aptitude test related to the job


First aid at the workplace

Standards for first aid at the workplace


Stress at work

Psychological and psychosocial stress at work


Our colleagues

I have been providing occupational health services as a specialist since 2006. Since 2015, I have been working together with my specialist assistant.

Dr. Tímea Tács

Occupational health specialist

Ildikó Toldi

Occupational health nurse specialist

Contracted partner

Years of experience

First aid course

Stress test

How can we help?

The following is a non-exhaustive list of occupational health services.

Suitability test

Conducting preliminary and periodic job examinations.

Workplace stress test

Online available multilingual stress test.

Work-related vaccination

Administration and documentation of work-related vaccinations.

Small book on health

Health booklet for catering, cosmetics, etc.

First aid at the workplace

Workplace first aid and first aid training.

Emergency medical card

For travelling abroad, for business or pleasure.

They said about us

Thanks to our partners for their feedback!

An occupational health and safety colleague contacted the Doctor about the workplace stress test. The test was great, it helped to reveal the tension between colleagues, we changed our company doctor, and now the Doctor is our company doctor.


Helga Juhász

Doctor is our IT team doctor, we have been working together for 12 years, we love her very much, thank you very much for the work of our assistant Ildiko!


Róbert Kertész

We are a Hungarian-American IT company with an office in Budapest. The practice is American-standard, serious IT, super team!


Márk Német

Stored data volume (gigabytes)

Why do we think this is a 21st century practice?

Occupational health activities are carried out on digital VPN networks, with the majority of medical devices connected to the network locally or in an IOT-medical structure, creating big data. Patient data and signatures are also stored digitally.